The work of Vera Kox
reflects the human-made effects on post industrial ecologies and their physical traces. Her practice seeks to reconsider preconceptions of sculpture. The classic conception of a monument makes way for seemingly soft materials, horizontal compositions and found objects or situations whose meaning she alters.

More recently, Kox's work projects a vision of moving from a human centered towards a multi-species worldview: industrially manufactured materials are juxtaposed with intricately worked ceramic fragments, the elements fuse in a dialogue of matter into a continuous whole.

Sculpture is understood here as a temporary moment and suggests a fluid transitional state in contrast to the idea of the static, vertical and motionless monument. Through intense experimentation to shift, modify, stretch and compress the meaning of matter, Kox unfolds contemporary fossils of our modern, materialistic reality.

  1. Vera Kox is a german-luxembourgish artist. She has shown her work with institutions and galleries internationally namely at Cosar, Düsseldorf, Kunstraum Bethanien Berlin, Koenig2 in Vienna and Kunstverein Reutlingen as well as KINDL Centre for Contemporary art (Berlin), MRAC (Sérignan), Mudam Luxembourg, Palais d’Iena (Paris), Casino Forum d’Art (Luxembourg). She has recently been a resident at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris, and previously at Artspace Geumcheon, Seoul, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin and Casino Forum d’art Contemporain Luxembourg. Kox holds a Masters degree in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, London and is based mainly in Berlin and Luxembourg.

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