along the line


recycled rubber mat, aluminum modular pipes, engobe ceramic, plaster, resin, steel, hair extensions, styrofoam, rubber coated aluminum chain, plastic, lock keys


Klemm’s Showroom 


Berlin, Germany


November 17 –
December 21, 2018


In along the line, Kox deals with the playful act of approximation – tracing from the linear to the surface, to the object; the firm imitates the fluid, the malleable emulates the concrete, the artificial blurs in with the organic. In the process of forging material likeness, new formations and sensibilities of the transient states of her objects come to light. The displayed sculptural investigations disturb our habitual relationship with these invisible textures and patterns – the intimate, if fleeting touch of bubble wrap is now alienated from its observed materiality, begging the question: Where do cogitative and tactual experiences meet, and what happens in the transient in-between?

Vera Kox envisions tactile and visual experiences of man-made material that is quite literally the fabric of our everyday life: molten plastic, floor rubber mats, or aluminum pipes are all part of her artistic language. Generally treated as an afterthought in terms of material hierarchies, Kox instills new agency in these functional fragments by combining, re-examining and subverting their original use and context in her sculptural installations.

Physical incongruities reign supreme in Kox’s artistic practice. In her series Abbreviated Extensions (2018), imprints of bubble wrap turn solid in glazed ceramic surfaces, which, in turn, seem to slowly glide off their fixture on the walls; On the floor, an industrial landscape is composed of hills delineated by softly furled rubber mats and crisp aluminum structures, while a cascade spills silky, bright pink-and-blue colored hair onto an undulating, fleshy and patterned ceramic relief.  

Imbued with aggregated sensory information, the sculptures serve as reflections on our manufactured existence by selecting and processing cultural artefacts – often overlooked, yet critical to the process that dictates much of our tactile present-day environment. Mediating the peculiar qualities of so-called trivial substances, Kox’s works serve as fossils or relics of contemporary artefacts of our modern materialistic realities.